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The Clowntortionist Presents:

Cirque du Okay

It’s like Cirque du Soleil, but “okayer”!

This variety show runs anywhere from 20-45 minutes, and is adaptable to your needs.

Cirque du Okay is suitable for all ages! However, for a more mature audience, the adult show includes more risqué humor and more dangerous stunts!

You’ve never seen contortion like this before!

Scarlet Checkers’ variety show is truly the only show of its kind. It features unique contortion acts that you won’t see anywhere else. You’ll see her escape from handcuffs, squeeze her entire body through tennis racquets, and even rotate her arm all the way around in a circle!

Cirque du Okay!

Is she okay?! Licking her own elbow isn’t the only “impossible” stunt in this show! Contortion is just the beginning of the perplexity. Scarlet Checkers performs classic sideshow feats of wonder, like sword swallowing, fire eating, and more. And she does it all with the humorous flair that only a clown can deliver!

You’re part of the show!

Scarlet’s show is best known for being interactive and quick-witted. With her improvisational crowd work, she will always keep you on your toes! In her signature act, The Contortion Game, Scarlet challenges her audience to come up with crazy contortions that they think she can’t achieve.  She asks two members of the crowd to each choose one of her body parts, and then she attempts to touch those two body parts together. She has performed this act all over the World, and remains undefeated! Audiences everywhere love this game because it’s never the same, and it’s always hilarious! Here are some examples:

A flexible show, fit for any stage!

The Clowntortionist Variety show is tailored to fit any stage, at any venue, at every type of event imaginable. Scarlet has performed this show at birthday parties, corporate events, weddings, cruise ships, casinos, bars, sporting events, retirement communities, elementary school assemblies, church services, fashion shows, Bar Mitzvahs, talk shows, Halloween attractions, comedy clubs, stadiums, office parties, street fairs, Renaissance Faires, fundraisers, film & TV sets, concerts, festivals, parades, hotels, conventions, restaurants, LGBT nightclubs, adult day care centers, and of course… circus tents. Now all that’s left is YOUR event!