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Scarlet Checkers!

Who is Scarlet Checkers?

Who is Scarlet Checkers?

Scarlet Checkers is the perfect addition to your next event! This anatomical wonder has turned her genetic connective tissue disorder into a part of her unique act. She brings energy, excitement and elasticity that simply can’t be rivaled!

What to Expect

What to Expect

“Scarlet Checkers is such a fabulous entertainer. I can’t explain what she does or how she does it. You just have to watch her and be mesmerized.”

Michael W.

“We hired Scarlet Checkers for a private event at our vineyard and she astonished us with her numerous bendy tricks! We loved her and will definitely book her again.”

Melany C.

“My family and I saw Scarlet perform her Contortion Game at the San Diego Busker Festival and she was incredible. The show was a mixture of insanity and sexy.”

Judy F.

What does Scarlet Checkers offer?

What does Scarlet Checkers offer?

Scarlet Checkers brings you an unparalleled circus sideshow experience with custom tailored performances designed to captivate and engage audiences of all-ages. On top of her stage show, Scarlet is available for ambient entertainment including contortion, sword swallowing, fire eating, and more! Between high-end corporate clients, celebrity-attended events, television appearances, and international performances, Scarlet backs up her reputation with comedic and edgy entertainment, enjoyed by everyone from rockstars to hyperactive preteens!

Step Right Up

Step right up!

Take a look inside the tent and get a sneak peak of what Scarlet Checkers can do!