The Clone-tortionist
Generations ago, a foundation of geneticists and biohackers began an ambitious experiment to permanently cure hereditary disorders through cloning. Among theirĀ first subjects was a circus clown named Scarlet Checkers. Afflicted with an incurable connective tissue disorder, Checkers submitted her genetic material to the recombinant cloning process, knowing that while her condition could not be cured, perhaps a future version of herself could live a life less rubbery.
After numerous attempts, spanning decades, the research group found that not only did her condition persist, but new mutations had begun to emerge unlike any previously recorded (outside the darkest corners of the early internet).
Hundreds of clone iterations later, the descendants of these visionary scientists travel the galaxy displaying their wondrous creations, to delight, amaze, inspire, and arouse.
Enter Checkers_V.3000, paragon of the Clone-tortionist series of ultra entertainment clones. In her first ever appearance on Kepler-609c, she will bring her brand new show to The Core, demonstrating her augmented, uplifted, optimized abilities of wit, wonder, and wiggling! With advanced adaptations of V.420's humor and V.800.85's scandalous spectacle, Checkers_V.3000 is sure to amaze, defying the laws of anatomy. Witness plasma handcuff escapes, extrusion through apertures, and the first ever swallowing of a Bitchin Lazer Sword!
[Checkers_V.3000 not yet in production, display model only not for resale, lease, or handling. Manufacturer is indemnified against all harms real or imagined incurred by watching or interacting with Checkers_V.3000 terms and conditions apply. Place your pre-order for this model today!]