Frequently Asked Questions

Is that real blood?
Always! I love blood.

Are the stunts you do actually real?
Yes! I perform sideshow, not illusion. My body really is capable of crazy things.

Does it hurt?
A majority of my stunts are indeed painful, but I love what I do. It hurts just as much to be a professional athlete or a ballerina, and they endure the pain just like I do, for the love of the art.

Do you not feel pain?
Of course I feel pain. I just have a relatively high pain tolerance.

Do you enjoy pain?
Not necessarily, but I enjoy blood, and I enjoy shocking people. I like the way some types of "pain" feel. Piercing is a pleasant feeling for me, but being punched in the face is not.

How do you make it look so painless?
Adrenaline. I guess the excitement I feel on stage masks the pain. I genuinely enjoy doing the things that I do in my shows.

What is wrong with you?
Hematolagnia, Coulrophilia, possibly insanity...

Are you dressed like Harley Quinn?
NO!! I am dressed like Scarlet Checkers. Please stop tagging me in pictures of Harley Quinn. The resemblence is NOT intentional.

Did you eat a spider?
No, I did not. I have a rose hair tarantula named Briiiiiiiian, and I sometimes place him into my mouth for shock value. The alarming percentage of people with arachnaphobia makes this a very effective act. A video of it went viral on the Internet where someone made a joke about eating a spider, but no, I would never eat one of my pets.

Are you single?/Are you married?/Will you marry me?
Married to the circus, sorry.

How did you start performing?
It must've been a combination of a lifelong love for the circus, hypermobility, and my background in improv comedy.

How long have you been doing what you do?
I've been training in contortion for 4 years, but I've only been performing sideshow for about 2 years.

Where are you from?
A suburb near Philadelphia, PA.

Will you teach me how to ___?
Nah, probably not. But if you have questions about becoming more flexible, I am happy to give you tips.

What's up?
Not much, just having the time of my life. Please don't message me "hey" or "what's up?" It's an enormous pet peeve of mine.

Why can you bend like that?
I have a type of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome called Hypermobility which makes my joints and ligaments hyperflexible. This condition, in combination with my years of training has made my body able to bend and twist in amazing ways.

Do you have rubber skin?
Not rubber, but very stretchy. EDS effects the elasticity of my skin too.

Can I photograph you naked?
No. I do a bit of modeling, but I am not a model. I am very comfortable with a select few photographers, and they know who they are.

Where can I see you perform?
I post my shows' event pages on my public Facebook page. You can keep up with show dates there. I'm currently living and performing in Southern California.

Do you speak Italian?
Nope. I'm only fluent in English. I'm really not sure why I get asked this so often. I guess I have a lot of fans in Italy.

Are you a juggalo?
NO!! I am not "down with the clown." I just am a clown. Please stop this.

For that exact reaction. I like attention. Sue me.

Are you a burlesque dancer?
No. I have one contortion act in which my clown character plays a clumsy burlesque dancer, but I myself am not one. I'd be happy to perform it in your burlesque show, but I don't like being billed as a dancer.

How old are you?
Old enough to party.

Has anything ever gone wrong in your acts?
Almost every one of my acts has gone wrong in some minor way at some point, but no detrimental accidents yet.

Do You have scars?
Yeah I've got a few gnarly ones. My most prominent is the glass cut on my arm, then there's the accidental tattoo I gave myself on my forehead by doing my pincushion act over my clown makeup. Oops.

Do you have KIK?
Absolutely not.

Are you on drugs?
Is adrenaline a drug?

Do you do your own makeup?
Yeah! I was actually a makeup artist in a salon before becoming a full-time performer. I'm very proud of the way I do my clown makeup, because the design developed over years of changing small things to get to the perfect design that I feel fits me. Of course I do different variations every so often, but my face always keeps the same basic form.