You can call me Checkers!

I am a clown and a circus performer specializing in the arts of contortion and sideshow.

I am a natural born freak and an anatomical wonder! I was born with the genetic disorder Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), which affects my body's connective tissue. EDS makes my joints and ligaments hyperflexible, allowing an extreme range of motion in my whole body, even including hyperelasticity of the skin. With years of training, I was able to turn this condition into an impressive skill set, by learning the mesmerizing art of contortion. I perform all types of contortion including backbending, frontbending, splits, dislocation and enterology.

With a background in improv comedy, and a lifelong love for the circus, it is unsurprising that I became a clown. I find that the combination of contortion and comedy makes for a very unique and exciting form of entertainment. I have been practicing contortion for 4 years. While contortion has always been my primary act, partway into my journey into a performance career, I discovered the sideshow arts. The first time I saw a man swallow a sword, I knew what type of performer I wanted to be. I don't get as much of a thrill from seeing people react to my pretty contortion poses as I get from seeing them react to my shocking sideshow stunts.

I began learning sideshow skills about 2 years ago, and there is nothing more satisfying that seeing a room full of people cringe and scream as I do something potentially dangerous on stage. I perform many of the classic sideshow stunts such as the Human Blockhead, glass walking, fire eating, etc., but my personal favorite is the Human Pincushion. In this act, I use various sharp objects to pierce various parts of my body (blood is optional). See the "Acts" page for more info!

I do have specialty performance insurance for all of these stunts. For proof of insurance and/or my performance resume, please email me at ScarletCheckers@gmail.com, or simply go to the "Contact" page.